"An A to Z Guide for Amazon A+ Content"

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What is Amazon A+ Content?

To sum it up in one sentence: Amazon A+ Content offers you a proven way to boost traffic and sales.A+ Content allows you to create captivating Amazon content, without needing the skills of a Picasso or Hemingway.

“Okay, so what is Amazon A+ Content?”

Amazon A+ Content is enhanced product detail for your Amazon product pages that can take many forms, including high-quality images, comparison charts, video content, FAQs, and more.As Jeff Bezos has said, “we’re customer-obsessed;” to win on Amazon, you have to be customer-obsessed, too. A+ Content is your chance to make your products shine. It is a living extension of your website and social media. You should be using this experience to double down.Have a look at the following product page for a Bug Bite Balm. Rich visuals, combined with informative, concise copy, put the benefits of the product on full display.

What is Amazon A+ Content

As you can see, if executed correctly, Amazon A+ Content can enable brands to differentiate themselves from competitors, build customer trust, increase conversion rates, and establish long-term brand loyalty. It can even lead to higher rankings on Amazon search engine results pages!

So what is Premium Amazon A+ Content?

If we look beyond A+ Content, we can see A+ Premium. Also known as A++ Content, it expands a page’s useable real estate. Premium listing pages can include:

  • Integrated 720p videos
  • 16 interactive content modules
  • Robust, clickable FAQs
  • Interactive Content
  • Voice-friendly and mobile-friendly product pages
  • Connections with Alexa Systame

Premium content does come with a large fee (a six figure fee). Therefore it makes the most sense for large vendors who have high revenue and a huge budget. For most sellers, Amazon A+ Content has more than enough for most vendors to win over customers and Amazon.

Getting Started with Amazon A+ Content

Amazon A+ Content can be overwhelming to some sellers. There is so much content to work through and create, and creating A+ Content can be difficult without guidance. Amify has the expertise and experience to help businesses maximize the potential of A+ Content. If you'd like to know more about how Amify can help you with Amazon A+ Content, and much more, reach out to us here.