Unlocking Amazon Growth for an Established Direct-to-Consumer Brand
A premium skin care brand with a direct-to-consumer focus and distribution in high-end retail channels like Macy’s, Sephora and Ulta was trying to unlock growth on Amazon. Prior to our partnership, the brand struggled to pinpoint how channel conflict was leading to significant loss from unauthorized sellers, as well as how to maximize category opportunity on Amazon from creative, advertising and merchandising standpoints.
Creative Optimization

Amify leveraged all Amazon merchandising placements by refreshing product pages, brand store and advertising units including the introduction of videos to expand reach and extract maximum value from every potential customer.

Brand Protection & Mitigation

We identified and removed as many unauthorized sellers on the channel as possible. When a clean Buy Box could not be achieved, we pivoted areas of focus on the channel to opportunities only the brand could own. This included custom products, kits and virtual bundles – as well as an agile advertising strategy.

Advertising & Scale

Advertising had been a defensive tactic for the brand, focused primarily on branded terms. Amify built a 4 pillar strategy, increased investment and grew new-to-brand users while maintaining a high return on ad spend (ROAS).

Supply Chain

Entering key selling seasons and supply chain slow downs, our warehouse provided additional support to get items into FBA faster while our team coached the client on different shipping methods direct from their warehouses in order to get vital inventory checked in faster, reducing out of stock incidents.

Year on Year Revenue Growth
Including 82% increase on Virtual Bundle revenue
Branded Search Volume
On Amazon since partnership began
Conversion Rate
Thanks to content and advertising optimization
Subscriber Growth
Equating to 10% of channel revenue
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