Our Experience

Offering your business dynamic platform knowledge and rapid results

Our Story

Where We Come From

From a one-person operation to $200+ Million in annual managed GMV, we have a proven track record of operating nimbly in a rapidly growing marketplace.


Amify founder Ethan McAfee noticed a gap in the market and began selling on Amazon. He quickly realized that the skills and knowledge he'd gained could help other brands succeed on an exponentially growing – but difficult to navigate – sales channel.


Employing 60+ Amazon experts in fields as diverse as advertising, content, platform operations, warehousing and supply chain, Amify is the leading results-driven partner for Amazon services with hundreds of millions annual GMV under management across our portfolio of brands.

Our Leadership

Who We Are

With 10+ years of Amazon experience and decades in e-Commerce strategy, DTC marketing, analysis and sales, we can provide your business with industry-leading expertise.

Picture of Ethan McAfee, Founder and CEO of Amify
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Our Values

What We Believe

Our values shine through in everything we do. They're at the core of every decision we make, every day.


We believe that each of us is uniquely valuable, and that being open, honest and candid increases our collective potential.


We empower each other to be curious – to challenge the status quo, take strategic risks and bring bold, brilliant ideas to life.


We hold ourselves accountable to our clients, our coworkers and ourselves; owning our choices and the rewards and consequences that result.


We work together to achieve what’s impossible alone, with mutual respect for each other's perspectives and contributions.


We build and maintain trust – in ourselves to do what’s right, in our teammates to have our backs, and in our work to delight our clients.